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2018 - Assistant Artistic Director as an Intern at La Chose
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About Me

I am Léonore, a french illustrator living near Paris with two lovely cats. I studied 2D and 3D animation for 4 years at 3iS, and then I went to ECV, a visual communication school for 2 years.
I love drawings characters, especially women, cats, and fantasy stuff. Like knights and tarot cards. I got a passion for video games and limited beautiful books edition.
I got two cats. Oh, already told that, but they're cute and named Newton and Murphy. I also love documentary and movies/TV shows with criminal theme. And DnD, I love DnD.
I'd love to write some comics, it's a long term dream.


Character Design - Comic panels - Coloring - Posters - Merch - Layout design - Illustrations - Keeping your cute kitties - Eating potatoes - Playing DnD